Happy Fall!

I’m sure we’ve all complained about the hot summer we’ve had and, with the many fires and the days that just wouldn’t offer any relief until the late hours of the evening. To our enjoyment, it looks as though fall is officially here. It always amazes me how the graceful transition to deeper colors and the sense the change in the air come on all at once here in Northern Colorado. There is excitement in the air with the change of seasons, new objectives as children start back to school and the settling down to business after the freedom and frolic of summertime. Time to get back to more serious matters.

Just as suddenly as fall appeared, the leaves soon will have vanished (into piles to be raked up by homeowners and jumped into by children) and the populace will start preparing for holiday traditions, travel to visit loved ones, and cold weather activities. Remember to enjoy the beauty of the tranquil autumn season before it fades like its colors. Really look at the colors in the trees. Notice the birds as they subtly head for warmer sun. Be aware of the beauty around you as it changes.

How fortunate we are to live in such a lovely part of the world!

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Planting Design Topology

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Planting Design Topology

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This is El Dorado Park in Southern California, where I spent many times fishing or riding bikes with my brother.

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Fall in RMNP, Colorado

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